401k Annuities:

Protecting Your Future With Sound Savings

401k Annuities: Guaranteed Income for Life
Traditionally the 401k was a scary proposition because the security of your retirement rested in the stability of your employer. With the advent of the 401k Annuity, this has changed. A 410k annuity is offered by an insurance company, making it far more reliable and secure as an investment vehicle for your retirement.

Options Available With 401k Annuities
As with all annuities, you have many options and variables when setting up a 401k annuity. Some of these are fixed rate of returns, variable rates (also called indexed annuities), as well as the manner of payout. Since the options available with annuities can be complex, it is always wise to get advice from qualified 401k annuities advisors.

Tax Advantages of 401k Annuities
There are many tax advantages with a 401k annuity, as they share the benefits of both the traditional 401k and the annuity. Some 401k annuities are tax exempt, but most are tax deferred. While setting up your 401k annuity, it is very sound advice to seek counseling from qualified professional retirement experts.

Managing Your Own 401k Annuity
It is hard to set up your own 401k annuity, mostly because it is a contract between you and an insurance company. Please contact our counselors to help you make the right decision about your 401k annuity. The consultation is free, and we have saved our clients thousands of dollars by helping with their 401k annuities.

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