The Deferred Annuity:

Saving Now for Your Future

Deferred Annuities: The Basics
A deferred annuity is simply a savings account set up to grow your investment and pay you in installments at a later date. It can be set up to start at any period of time after setting up the deferred annuity account, but is generally used to fund a retirement plan. Aside from setting the date to start receiving your annuity checks, you ll want to determine the growth rate, the beneficiaries on the annuity and the manager of your annuity.

Getting a Good Return on Your Deferred Annuity
The growth rate of your deferred annuity will be governed by either a market index (called a variable or indexed annuity), or at a pre-set rate (called a fixed annuity). The indexed annuity will be slightly more risky than the fixed, but also offer a higher potential return on your investment. Many investment portfolios include both the variable deferred and fixed deferred annuities to maximize benefits from each.

Setting the Beneficiaries of Your Deferred Annuity
In the event of your death, there may be money left over in your deferred annuity. In this case, you will want to have established a beneficiary for the annuity. Of course, if you designate no heir to the money, it will become the property of the insurance company. Since the insurance companies enjoy some benefit, they often will pay you a higher return on your annuity for this.

Selecting a Manager for Your Deferred Annuity
Although it is entirely possible to manage your retirement fund yourself, most people don't have the time, the training or the experience to do so. Because of this, most people prefer to hire a manager for their retirement funds. When getting a quote for your deferred annuity, be sure to check the background of the agency you are considering.

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