The Fixed Annuity:

Guaranteed Growth for Your Retirement

What is a Fixed Annuity?
A fixed annuity pays a fixed amount of interest on deposits made into the fixed annuity account. Since it is issued and guaranteed by an insurance company, a fixed annuity is a very stable and secure way to grow your retirement fund. When the fixed annuity reaches maturity, you will receive a set dollar amount based on the deposits and earnings of your fixed annuity.

What Are the Different Types of Fixed Annuities?
There are literally dozens of types of fixed annuities, and all variables are designed to make the fixed annuity perform the way you want it to. Some of the more popular kinds of fixed annuities are the fixed deferred annuity, fixed immediate annuity, and the fixed life annuity.


Annuitieshelpyouenjoyretirement.jpgWhat Makes a Fixed Annuity a Good Investment?
The fixed annuity is considered to be a wise part of any wealth management plan because it is guaranteed by an insurance company. Add to this the fact that a fixed annuity is guaranteed to never lose principle, and you have the earmarks of a great investment vehicle.

Managing Your Own Fixed Annuity
Setting up and managing your fixed annuity will be a complex task, if you want it done well. Even if you have a background in finance and insurance, it might be a good idea to get the help of a professional fixed annuity specialist. We offer free consultations and financial advice, and hope you call us or email us for assistance in setting up your fixed annuity.


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