The Fixed Immediate Annuity:

A Lifetime of Security

The Basics of the Fixed Immediate Annuity
Like many annuities, The Fixed Immediate Annuity can be a great tool for protecting your income. Since it is an immediate annuity, you start to receive payments from the account soon after you make your initial deposit. As a fixed rate annuity, it will receive the interest rate that was designated for your fixed immediate annuity.

The Fixed Immediate Annuity for Rollovers
When rolling over money from any retirement account, the fixed immediate annuity can be the perfect tool for protecting your hard-earned money. We must caution you: since the tax laws change so frequently, you should seek professional guidance before rolling over your savings into a fixed immediate annuity or any other investment vehicle.

annuitiesprovidewealthinretirement.jpgDeath Benefits of a Fixed Immediate Annuity
As with most annuities, there are options for disposition of your account funds if you should die before it expires. Normally, with the fixed immediate annuity, the annuitant will designate a beneficiary to receive the funds. However, you can arrange to have the money go to charity, if you like.

Is the Fixed Immediate Annuity Right for You?
Fixed immediate annuities, like all annuities, can (and should) have options placed on them to tailor them to your needs. The fixed immediate annuity might be right for you if you want to start receiving payments now for a deposit. To explore the different options available to tailor your fixed immediate annuity to your specific needs, please seek professional financial counseling.

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