The Fixed Index Annuity:

Guaranteed Growth for Retirement

Fixed Index Annuity: The Best of Both Worlds
The Fixed Index Annuity is an excellent tool for the investor to have a safe money type investment (a fixed annuity) while enjoying some of the benefits of playing the stock market (variable annuity). The fixed index annuity has become one of the most rewarding of annuities for anyone planning their retirement portfolio.

Stability of the Fixed Index Annuity
The safest aspect of the fixed index annuity is the guaranteed minimum interest rate. It ensures that your retirement fund will grow at least at an expected rate and never decrease the principal. This is exactly what many investors want... stability and predictable growth.

happyretirementcoupleannuities.jpgVolatility of the Fixed Index Annuity
Since the fixed index annuity is tied to a market index, you can share in many of the rewards of a booming economy. If your market index goes up, you experience greater profits. If the market index goes below your set interest rate, you still earn the minimum interest designated when your fixed index annuity was arranged.

Management of Your Fixed Index Annuity
Although it is possible to manage your fixed index annuity yourself, most people don t have the time, the training or the experience to do so. Because of this, most people are better served by hiring a trained and qualified manager for their retirement funds. We encourage you to take advantage of our free fixed index annuity consultation before attempting to set up or manage your own fixed index annuity.

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