Structured Annuities:

Offering Understanding and Options

Structured Annuities: Payment for Loss
You probably already know that a structured settlement annuity is usually a payment for damages or expected expenses, awarded by the courts. These settlements generally come in over a period of time or at scheduled increments and can be either an asset -or an obstacle- to your financial well-being. This is because you have no control over when structured annuities payments are received.

Structured Annuities as a Financial Asset
Payments on a structured annuity are scheduled at the time they are awarded. They can be for predicted medical expenses, to provide regular income, to pay for retirement or any planned expense. This can be a real blessing when those times arise. However, your structured annuity, although it can be quite large, can be a problem as well.

money_hand.JPG Structured Annuities as a Financial Obstacle
A structured settlement annuity is a large sum of money that belongs to you, yet have little control over. In times of dire need you do not have the option of using that money to recover from a financial setback. If you experience a personal disaster, you could end up homeless or worse, while having a huge amount of money you just can't touch.

Gaining Control of a Structured Annuity
In the recent past, the means to collect on a structured settlement annuity in a lump sum has been developed. Using "structured settlement funding", you may give up a portion of (or all) of your rights to future structured settlement payments in return for a lump sum of cash. Be cautious of these endeavors, and make sure that getting a lump sum of cash is what you really need. We have counselors on hand to help you make this decision with a free consultation.


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