The Structured Settlement Annuity:

Gaining Control in Times of Need

The Purpose of Structured Settlement Annuities
Structured settlement annuities are designed for the main purpose of paying a legal settlement of some sort. A company will make a deposit into an annuity, and schedule payments to the beneficiary (or annuitant) over the course of their life. Because these are typically mandated by the courts, the money contained in a structured settlement annuity fund is inaccessible by the annuitant. Even so, there is a way of getting cash for a structured settlement.

Cash for a Structured Settlement Annuity:
There is a legal process available to allow you to get cash from a structured settlement. This would involve a third party to whom you would allow to receive your normal payments in return for a large lump sum check. There are thousands of companies offering cash for your structured settlement annuity, and not all look out for your best interests.

cash.JPGFinding Someone to Buy Your Structured Settlement Annuity
When you are in financial stress, it becomes tough to make the right decisions, so it is important to use common sense when selling your structured settlement. When looking for a reputable company, do not go for the first one you see an advertisement for. As you know, an ad is not a reliable statement of integrity.

Get a Free Consultation Before Selling Your Structured Settlement
There are few companies who buy structured settlements that will give you a complete financial needs consultation. OutlookAnnuity does just that. We want to help you make the best financial decision for you, even if you are not a customer of ours. We have been serving the financial needs of Americans for over 20 years and are ready to help you now.

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